Welcome to the England Lady Fly Fishers ( ELFF)

Formerly we have been known as the England Ladies Flyfishing Association ( FLFA) which was formed back in 1989.

The ELFF committee has been very busy organising competitions and events. 

We have now merged with the ANGLING TRUST ( as from 2011) and look forward to forging a great relationship with them. 

The ELFF committee is a dedicated team of volunteers who continue to raise funds for the teams. Events, such as the Ladies National Championship continue to be the major event of the year. 


International 2016 results.

Congratulations to Scotland Ladies on an impressive win on Carron Valley. 

Ireland second, England then Wales. 

1 Scotland 71 fish   2694 points

2 Ireland    49 fish   1675

3 England  40 fish   1291

4 Wales     35 fish    1224.

International Champion is Jane Wright.

Top England Rod Hilary Tomlinson.  

National Championship 2016

and England Qualifier for 2017.

25th September at Draycote Fishery. 

Please contact committee for details. or 

See our Facebook page. 

Wychwood Mixed Pairs. Grafham water. 

30th April 2016.



England Team 2016.

Traveling to Carron Valley fishery 26th May.

Sheena Goode. Captain .  Louise Callow, Elaine Sherry, Maggie Curtis, Yvonne Webb, Eileen Chatwin, Patricia Cooke, Lianne Frost, Hilary Tomlinson, Mairi McFarlane, Kate Royce. Janice Sharp.

Manager Chris Bobby. 

National championships 2015.

Eyebrook fishery.


Congratulations to Louise Callow on becoming Ladies National Champion.

!st.. Louise Callow        19 lb  3 oz

2nd.. Elaine Sherry       18 lb 

3rd...  Maggie Curtis     17 lb  11 oz.

Susan Sissons, Sheena Goode, Yvonne Web, Eileen Chatwim, 

Patricia Cook, Lianne Frost, Mairi McFarlane, Heather Lamacraft

Janice Sharp, Rosemary Gunn, Kate Royce, Phillippa Hake,

Sue Irons, Lynda Steel, Hilary Tomlinson. 


Congratulations to Scotland in winning the International at 


 1st     Scotland      top rod and International Champion

                                                           Dione Roberts.

2nd     Wales          top rod                 Rhian Taylor

3rd      England      top rod                  Maggie Curtis

4th      Ireland        top rod                  Julie Gerry

A  very big thankyou to   Chris Bobby our Manager,  all the England Team supporters and sponsors.  We need to express our gratitude for all the raffle prizes donated too. 

A special thankyou to Sue Shaw for being International president. 


Team update. International 4th June 2015 Grafham.

Hilary Tomlinson non fishing Captain

Maggie Godwin, Sheena Goode, Sue Irons, Elaine Sherry,

Eileen Chatwin, Lianne Frost, Kate Royce, Lisa Isles.

Lynda Steele new cap.

Phillippa Hake new cap.

Heather Lamacraft new cap. 

Rosemary Gunn Reserve. 

Ladies 2015 International will be held at Grafham Water.

The week commencing 1st June with the competition on Thursday 4th June. 

The Ladies England Team for 2015 

Janice Sharp   Captain.                                                             Eileen Chatwin                                                                         Elaine Sherry                                                                           Sue Irons                                                                                 Lynda Steele                                                                            Sheena Goode                                                                         Maggie Curtis                                                                     Yvonne Webb                                                                           Lisa Isles                                                                                   Lianne Frost                                                                             Phillippa Hake                                                                           Kate Royce  Reserve. 

Chris Bobby  Manager.                                                                         

New Chairperson 2015.

Louise Callow has taken over as Chairperson from Janice Sharp.   Louise can be contacted on 

07711531624 or



Wychwood Mixed Pairs Result.

1   Lianne Frost and Chris Bobby                     16 fish 34lb     2   Sheena Goode and Simon Lehane             16 fish 33lb2   3   Maggie Curtis and Tony Curtis                    16 fish 32lb     

Full results on our FaceBook Page. 


Wychwood Mixed Pairs. Grafham.

 Sunday 21st September 2014

Very pleased to announce the Wychwood Mixed Pairs comp. Wychwood- Game Fishing Products have yet again sponsored this event. This is a major fundraising event for the England Lady Fly Fishing team. Held yearly and regarded as one of the most fun events on the calender. From beginners to experienced anglers its a time to enjoy a great day on a boat Fly Fishing. Please support the Ladies. 

For an entry form please contact Lisa Isles or any committee member.   We are also on Face Book. 


The annual home international match between the ladies of England, Scotland,Ireland and Wales took place on 22nd May at Lake Trawsfynydd in Wales.

The weather was generally kind to the event with heavy rain falling on only one day of practice. Unfortunately prior to the match the wind changed direction and this put the fish off the feed a bit on match day itself. As the lake had been well stocked before the teams arrived it meant England Ladies could catch a lot of fish in practice. A significant number of fish were found right along the rock strewn edges of the many islands so it was important to get used to drifting the boats right up the edge, to find the fast and slow glass were the best lines - pulled early in the day, but slowed down later on. 

The match started well with Janice Sharp, Eileen Chatwin, Sheena Goode and Hilary Tomlinson all catching early in Club Bay with hardly any fish being caught by other teams. Boat pressure out those fish down.  It was unfortunate that the back up spot in Walkers Bay did not fish in the new wind as England had caught much better than the other teams in this area in previous days.

England Ladies finished a creditable  second place with 37 fish compared to 44 by Scotland. 

International Champion 

However the top individual rod on the day was England's  Janice Sharp who caught 11 fish over the course of the day on a cats whisker booby to claim the coveted Brown Bowl. 


1st  Scotland .  44 fish   76 lbs 3.75 oz 

2nd  England.  37 fish    63 lbs 4.75 oz

3rd  Ireland.  33 fish        54 lbs 12.5 oz

4th  Wales.  33 fish         53 lbs  8.75 oz

Heaviest Fish  Maddy Kelly  3 lbs 1.5 oz

England Ladies will be fund raising at the BFFI on 8/9 Feb.


Please come and find our stand.


It is with great pleasure we announce that Chris Bobby will be the Ladies England Team Manager 2014.

Chris has over 40 years of fly fishing experience and it has become his great passion. He has represented England on 4 occasions and qualified for 12 National Championships. Been chairman of GWFFA since 2010, he has also been involved in AMFC. Competed in the Lexus and Chris and Lianne Frost won the Ladies Mixed Pairs in 2011.

Chris will be taking over from Paul Sissons, who has been such a great supporter and manager over many years. England Ladies would like to express our thanks for the time and dedication you have given us, outstanding. 

I am sure that Chris will be looking forward to the new season and we all wish him the best of luck. 


These ladies will represent England at the International on Trawsfynydd.

Rosemary Gunn. Maggie Curtis. Eileen Chatwin. Sheena Goode. Louise Callow captain. Hilary Tomlinson. Lianne Frost. Elaine Sherry. Janice Sharp. Mairi McFarlane. Reserves. Martha Thomson and Sue Irons.